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Thank you for taking the time to find out how your special event can be a Soulful Celebration!

A Celebration is a wonderful way to express the significance of a life -changing event! It encourages us to express ourselves openly and lovingly and embrace those close to us, creating an atmosphere of joy and contentment.

Whether we are celebrating a life-long commitment to each other, welcoming a new life into the world or farewelling a loved one, we all search for ways of acknowledging these transitions in our lives with a sense of occasion - we look for ways of making these times truly precious, meaningful and memorable.

Together, we will make this special occasion one that you will reflect upon with big smiles and a warm heart for many years to come.

As a trained and registered Civil and Marriage Celebrant (Certificate IV in Celebrancy) I respond to all my clients in a kind, warm and open manner. Through relaxed and friendly consultation and with the help of ritual, music, poetry and your own unique stories, your celebration will capture the very essence of the milestone you are celebrating and guide you forwards into your future.

About Me

Choosing a Celebrant who can meet your uniquely personal needs is a very important step towards achieving the best outcome for you on your special day.

You will be seeking someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, personable... and the list goes on! I believe it helps to know a little bit about your Celebrant.

I'm Sandra Jason. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and live in Brighton East with my husband and youngest of four children.

Work-wise I have had very broad experience in many fields having taught drama to primary school children, worked in HR, financial planning and retail. I have also been a stay at home mum. Over the years I have completed courses in Ballet, African Dance, Voice, Tai Chi, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Psychology, Philosophy, First Aid (Level II), Hebrew and Italian.

I adore music and the way in which it “speaks” to me - whatever style of music I’m listening to, it will take me somewhere! I started out in Music Theatre, spent a number of years in both Original and Cover Bands and most recently I’ve sung with a Brazilian group - a truely unique experience.

Sandra Jason
So how did I arrive at Celebrancy?

Well, I appreciate the importance and significance of Ceremony in people’s lives as a result of my own experiences. Taking a moment in life to pause, reflect, and acknowledge our changed circumstances, whatever they are, is a healthy and fulfilling way of moving forwards.

I am a person who possesses an understanding of how powerfully expressive and moving music and prose can be. I have a love of performing and an ability to connect with and empathize with people from all walks of life, and I love being my own boss.

As a Qualified Civil Celebrant (Certificate IV in Celebrancy- International School of Celebrancy) I also have the technical and Legal knowledge to guide you through your Celebration.

Ongoing annual professional development training ensures that I'm up to date with all matters celebrant related and as a member of the ICCA (International College of Celebrancy Alumni and Friends Association) I regularly network with other Celebrants, remaining open to fresh ideas and new concepts.


All ceremonies are momentous and significant.

Each one of these ceremonies is approached with respect, understanding and a heartfelt desire to create wonderful memories:

  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Funerals (Secular and other)
  • Naming Ceremonies/ L’Chaim’s
  • Secular Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s / Coming of Age
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Divorce Ceremonies
  • Retirement
  • Pet Memorials
  • Significant Birthdays

Any significant occasion can be celebrated and I am happy and open to all possibilities! Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions and queries.


Thank you for taking the time to find out how your Wedding can be a Soulful Celebration.

Getting married is a life — changing event and your wedding is a wonderful opportunity to express yourselves openly and lovingly.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or ‘big bash’ I’ll be there by your side to guide you every step of the way.

As a Marriage Celebrant I see it as a great privilege to work with you, creating a unique Ceremony that incorporates traditions and elements that are significant and special to you.

Through relaxed and friendly consultation, and with music, poetry and your own unique stories, your wedding ceremony will capture the very essence of the couple you are, and in doing so, guide you gently forwards into your future.

As an experienced, trained and authorised Civil Celebrant (Certificate IV in Celebrancy) I combine a supportive and personal approach, and respond to all my clients regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion in a kind, warm and open manner.

All enquiries are welcome!


Sandra Jason
A Celebration of life — your way

Funerals play an important role in helping people grieve. By reflecting on the past we are able to prepare for a future without our loved one.

Coming to terms with a new reality following your loss is a life changing event. As we search for ways to honour and commemorate the life of someone special we may find that organising a funeral is no easy task.

Emotional, exhausted and grieving, having someone with experience by your side can and does make the world of difference.

I understand the healing power of a caringly crafted and sincerely presented funeral and am committed to helping you create a beautiful ceremony that feels appropriate for your family and represents the very essence of your loved one.

Working with you to create an authentic and fulfilling experience

My approach is simple. I work with you, discussing the many options available to create a funeral ceremony that is tailored to your loved one and meets your family's needs.

Whether your concerns are, for example, cultural, environmental or financial, I am here to guide you.

For some a traditional funeral ceremony will be the perfect send off. It will feel right for you. For others, a broader choice will provide you with the means to authentically express yourselves.

Every family is unique, and every funeral ceremony should be, too.

For example, did you know:

  • You may decorate a casket
  • Wrap your loved one in a beautiful shroud for burial or cremation
  • Seagrass, wicker and cardboard coffins are available
  • Bush and natural burials are becoming increasingly accessible

Either working independently or alongside the funeral arranger I strive to ensure that despite any distress you may be experiencing, you are making informed decisions.

Experience tells us a personalised ceremony that upholds your individuality has the ability to help you approach the future with a sense of comfort that you may not have thought possible.

I am a firm believer that a truly authentic funeral ceremony has tremendous power to heal.

Having suffered my own personal losses, I became a celebrant to help people understand that they have choices and options when arranging funerals.

With comfort and compassion I’ll work with you, respecting your unique wishes and, if required, help source affiliated professionals who will respect your needs at this most challenging time.

I feel so very privileged to be caring for people when they are often at their most vulnerable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help.


P: 0412 003 612 E: sandracelebrant@gmail.comBased in Melbourne. Happy to travel.

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